Weighted blanket autism| sleep easily!

Weighted blanket sleep study:Among all the difficulties associated with autism (weighted blanket autism) or Asperger’s syndrome, sleep problems are one of the most devastating problems.

5 good ways-weighted blanket sleep study
weighted blanket help child sleep

What should you do?

The choice of pajamas
Sleep space problem
loved plaything
Pay attention to the prevention of odor interference
Light music, bring children to sleep

1.The choice of pajamas:

Choose long-sleeved pajamas that have a slight pressure on the body and may have a soothing effect.When choosing pajamas, pay attention to the source of the stimulus, loose pajamas, cotton gowns that can be picked up, elastic bands around the ankles, waist or neck, or decorations, buttons, laces, etc. that will irritate the skin to cause foreign bodies. They are all possible sources of stimulation.

2.Sleep space problem

Sleeping space: He doesn’t feel the boundary because he has too much sleeping space? Putting a tent on the bedside or hanging a bright bed around the bed can reduce the space, cheap Weighted Blankets on sale (consulting therapist before use) are also helpful for children.

3.loved plaything

But a general teddy bear or a doll may not be the child’s favorite toy, no matter how strange, as long as it is safe, it can adapt to his hobby.There is a very interesting example, a little boy who likes the broom very much and takes it with him every day to get into a dream. This story is funny, but it can explain a problem, that is, the child’s dependence on the beloved.

4.Pay attention to the prevention of odor interference

Pay particular attention to the odors that are in conflict with each other, such as soaps, perfumes, etc. The mixture of these odors disgusts many children, which affects the quality of their sleep.

5.Light music, bring children to sleep

Light music helps you: a lot of light music has a calming effect

Weighted blanket help kids sleep easily!

Weighted blanket for kids : They are a particularly non-invasive way to help children who have difficulty falling asleep.They are especially helpful for children with autism, who are eager to touch and stress but cannot tolerate the typical physical contact of their loved ones.

Weighted blanket help sleep : The pressure from the weighted blanket on the skin activates the sensory system, which in turn affects the brain.In response to additional stress, the brain releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine to improve mood and produce a calming effect.

What if the child doesn’t like the weighted blanket?

It is a good idea to borrow a blanket for your child. Or I suggest that they change a bed cover after the child falls asleep.

“The more expensive the quilt, the better?”

Covered quilts are thicker, helping to fight insomnia, relieve anxiety, and make people sleep more sweet.

I have a bad habit of insomnia at night, but every time I return to my hometown, the problem of insomnia can always disappear immediately, and I can sleep very hard every night. I used to think that this is because the home is more secure. It’s only now that I may only need a thicker quilt to treat my insomnia…

The latest research: a thicker quilt is more conducive to sleep

The researchers did two tests.

  • First, the researchers found that the sleeping conditions of the participants showed that compared with their use of thin quilts, when the weighted blanket, their sleep state was quieter. After asleep, the body movements were also obviously decrease.
  • Second, more volunteers who participated in the test also said in the questionnaire that the weighted blanket did improve their insomnia and the quality of sleep improved.


  1. More secure: The 30 lb weighted blanket can give people a kind of “wrapping” feeling, which creates a feeling of returning to the mother’s womb, making people sleep more practical.
  2. Reduce the excitement of the human body: Stress stimulation can reduce cortisol levels in the human body, while reducing heart rate and blood pressure, can reduce the body’s excitement and physiological response.
  3. Improve secretion of serotonin and melatonin:Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates the sleep cycle of the human body. Melatonin is an important hormone that makes people fall asleep.

Affordable weighted blanket has been used to treat childhood developmental disorders and childhood autism for decades.This treatment, known as “deep contact pressure therapy,” has been used for decades and has proven to be effective.

Suits you is the best

The quilt is too light and too heavy. 12 lb weighted blanket.It is too heavy to oppress the chest, resulting in a decrease in lung capacity and a nightmare. It is not good to pursue a quilt. It may make the sleeping person feel unreliable.Weighted blanket Choose the weight type that suits you!